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The last two years have been wild


So I didn’t keep writing blogs after completing MBAe, o well, better late than never?

This is Annette, Cofounder & CEO of Tekuma. We’ve been bootstrapped for the last 2.5 years and sold our first developer units in August 2018. Over the last year we’ve tested our technology with over 600 users, improved it, investigated new markets and found our first paying customers.

Since I don’t want to write a whole post right now, I’m just going to point you to a recent write up by Start Up Daily:

We’re going to start doing more content in 2018 but it may end up being primarily on LinkedIn with previews on Facebook. Follow us there, thanks for your support!

Our first blog post


Michael Griffin, the tech cofounder behind Tekuma, first observed difficulties with aerial photography in early 2015. He coded software, experimenting with alternative user interfaces to fly drones. He trialled a six degrees of freedom mouse for the research of his Mechatronics Engineering honours thesis. His research indicated a 30% improvement in the learning curve for new users and a 23% faster completion of basic flight tasks for new pilots. His thesis at Macquarie University was awarded Best Thesis in Control Systems.

I, Annette McClelland, joined Tekuma in March 2016, almost a year ago now. I came on board to help Michael commercialise a solution to the problem he first experienced before his thesis. Combining Michael’s mechatronics engineering ability with my communications and business expertise we formed Tekuma. Throughout 2016 we developed our value proposition, sought out potential customers, did empathy work and developed a functional hardware prototype with 3D-printed housing and self soldered circuitry. The last few months of that year were spent with the UTS:Hatchery+ accelerator program. They provided us with space, mentorship, legitimacy and comradery. On November 28th 2016 we filed our provisional patent for our product and won UTS:Hatchery+ Demo Day at the completion of that program.

Over the summer, I undertook subjects in the UTS:MBA in Entrepreneurship, giving us space and mentorship to further Tekuma following our success in the Hatchery+ program. We did further empathy work, interviewing over fifty CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) registered pilots on their pain points flying drones. Michael continued developing the prototype, streamlining the process, making in compatible with new drones and trying out different housing designs with Dan Ferreira. Dan worked with us to develop a logo as we built up a landing page and established branding.

Tomorrow we pitch Tekuma as a capstone project of my MBA at the UTS:MBAe Venture Day.

We hope you’ll be part of our journey going forward!
– Annette
PS. I promise to be less formal in future posts 😉