Empowering people to fly drones


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Our technology

Intuitively fly your drone with one hand freeing your other hand up to capture the best shots on the drone’s camera.


  • Fly with one hand
  • Control without looking down
  • Move the controller as you want the drone to move


Have one controller that can interface with all your drones


  • Very few moving parts
  • Controller is sturdy & sound

Patent Pending

Our product uses patented technology to give you our unique piloting experience

Our Team

What We Offer.

Who We Are.

Our Skills.

If you’ve ever flown a drone, you know it’s counter-intuitive.  We’ve tested our one-handed control method and found it inspires user confidence, allows faster task completion, and is actually a joy to use. It frees up a hand to control the drone’s camera or other peripherals reducing time, cost and personnel required to get the job done.


Michael is our Techie,
Annette is our Hustler.

Michael Griffin
B Engineering (Mechatronics)
7+ years in robotics teaching & development

Annette McClelland
BA Communications (Information & Media)
MBA (Management & Entrepreneurship)
6+ years in content & digital marketing

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Annette: +61 419 800 996

Michael: +61 405 459 305